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The Chase Estate Epsom

As an Epsom estate agent, the regular question we get asked is where and what is The Chase Estate in Epsom, Surrey?

The Chase Estate is an area of land to the North West of Epsom Town centre. In the 19th century the land where the chase estate stands was owned by the chase family. Subsequently the land was sold off and became the Chase Estate.

Where is the start of The Chase Estate?

Why is The Chase Estate still referenced?

What is the average property price on The Chase Estate?

What area does The Chase Estate cover?

What amenities are on The Chase Estate?

What sports clubs are on The Chase Estate?

Where is the start of the Chase Estate?

The start of The Chase Estate is on Meadway with the two houses that arch over the road. If you walk through the arch there is a roundabout, which has a unique metal pole advertising the road names. If you stand on the roundabout looking down the hill of West Hill you will see the city of London (this is clearly visible in the early morning of evenings in the winter).

Below are pictures of the arch which is the entrance to The Chase Estate. The picture on the left is from the 1930’s and the picture on the right is how the arch looks today.


Why is The Chase Estate still referenced?

The Chase Estate is still referenced as the properties which were built were and still are of a reasonable size. The estate is a short walk from the town and has Stamford Green Primary within its vinicty. The Epsom common is also a short walk therefore, there is a bit of everything for everyone in a central location.

What is the average price of a property on The Chase Estate?

Due to the size of The Chase Estate, it is very hard to define an average price for the whole area, as different streets vary in price. An example of this is that on Manor Green Road there are a three bedroom semi detached houses near the Court Recreation Ground. Whereas, the houses at the other end of Manor Green Road are detached houses with four or five bedrooms. 

The average house price for a house on West Hill is £800,000 upwards. The houses on Hook Road are between £400,000 – £500,000. If you live on The Chase Estate and are wondering what the value of your house please contact The Local Agent, who offer a free valuation.

What area does The Chase Estate cover?

The Chase Estate was created just before the turn of the 20th Century. As you can appreciate since this time new roads and properties have been created within The Chase Estate.

Originally, The Chase Estate consisted of Meadway, West Hill, Ridgeway, Manor Green Road, Lower Hill Road, Christ Church Mount, Lower Court Road, Upper Court Road, Pound Lane, Temple Road and Hook Road. Obviously, there has been development in Epsom since then and additional roads have been added to The Chase Estate Area. Therefore, we have highlighted The Chase Estate area above from sources from the start of the 20th Century.

What amenities are on The Chase Estate?

There are a number of amenities on The Chase Estate which makes it a popular place for home buyers to look at the area. Firstly, it is a short ten minute walk into town, which is great as it means no car parking charges to consider.

There are a number of good schools on The Chase Estate. These consist of Stamford Green Primary School , Kingswood House School, Southfield Park Primary School, Epsom Primary School and Epsom House Pre-School.

There are a number of shops on The Chase Estate, specifically Manor Green Road which includes as Costcutter, butchers and cafe. On Pound Lane there is a fish and chip shop, florist, bike shop and cafe.

There is also a number of parks in and surrounding The Chase Estate. The Court Recreation has a play park and is a hive of activity on a Saturday morning when children from the surrounding areas play inter club football. On the edge of The Chase Estate by Southfield Park School, is the Long Grove Park again with a play park. At the bottom of Manor Green Road is Epsom Common which links in with Ashtead common, you can easily spend two hours just walking the perimeter of the two commons.  

What sports clubs are on The Chase Estate?

The Ebbisham Sports Club is located on the edge of The Court Recreation Ground. Here you can play squash, racketball, badminton and tennis. If you have a youngster who is keen on football then they can join the Epsom and Ewell Colts, who play in  The Court Recreation. If cricket is your cup of tea then Epsom Cricket Clubs clubhouse is located on Epsom common opposite The Chase Estate.


Jon Wilkins | The Local Agent

I am co-owner of The Local Agent. I live in Epsom and have been an Estate Agent in and and around the surrounding area of Epsom for the last 20 years.

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