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How long does it take to commute from Epsom to London?


When we have prospective homeowners come to view houses in Epsom, one of the most common questions we are asked is, how long does it take to commute from Epsom to London?

The Local Agent has completed a little bit of research and a South Western Railway train from Epsom to London Waterloo takes 36 minutes (some trains take 43 minutes). However, if you wanted to commute to Canary Wharf you would travel on Southern Railway to London Bridge which takes 43 minutes. As you can see there are different options to travel into London so we have looked into more detail as to commuting for the average Epsom homeowner.

The following articles looks into the following aspects to commuting from Epsom:

Which central London train stations can I commute to from Epsom;

Is Epsom in the Oyster Zone;

What is the average cost of a day, week, monthly and yearly ticket from Epsom to London Terminals?

What are the train delays like from Epsom?

How does the derby impact the trains?

Other stations Epsom services?

Additional information on Epsom Station.

Which central London train stations can I commute to from Epsom?

Epsom station is serviced by two train companies, South Western Railway and Southern Rail. Due to this the amount of London Terminals which can be reached by a commuter increase. For instance, South Western Railway can take you direct to London Waterloo and all its trains pass through the epi centre of train connections, Clapham Junction. Southern railway runs direct services from Epsom to London Victoria and London Bridge which makes access to the city and the west end very easy. Furthermore, a change at Sutton train station can take you directly to London Blackfriars, City Thameslink and London St Pancras. Due to two companies operating from Epsom there are at least six trains an hour running from Epsom to a London Terminal.

Is Epsom in an Oyster Zone?

We can regularly predict the next question which is asked by prospective homeowners after the commute time to London. The question is Epsom in an Oyster zone, is very common. At this moment in time Epsom lies just outside the Oyster Zone with the next two stations up the line, Ewell East and Ewell West, being the first stations in the Oyster zone for this area. However, Epsom and Ewell residents were informed in November 2018 that Epsom would benefit from an Oyster extension from early 2019 (the date is still yet to be confirmed). Although Epsom would not be in zone six, the extension would mean that residents could use oyster and contactless cards on the barriers, which makes life easier.

What is the average cost of a day, week, monthly and yearly ticket from Epsom to London Terminals?

There are many variations that you can have on a ticket however, a daily ticket to London Terminals (which gets you to London Waterloo, London Victoria and/or London Bridge) is £13.90. A weekly ticket, that would requires a season ticket identification card would cost you, £57.40. A monthly season ticket would cost you £220.50 and a yearly ticket would cost you £2,296. However, it is also important to take into consideration your leave when obtaining a yearly season ticket, as some times that makes getting a monthly ticket more preferable.

What are the train delays like from Epsom?

Like with all train services there can always be delays however, one of the benefits of Epsom is that due to the different London Terminals that the train companies run to, a line blockage shouldn’t seriously impact your day. For instance, when I go to St Pauls for meetings and I can’t to get to London Waterloo due to a train blocking the line, I can jump on the train to London Bridge and walk from there. There have been very rare occasions that I have had trouble getting into town from Epsom. Furthermore, if you are delayed for more than 15 minutes commuters are entitled to delay repay from the train service provider. All train providers have service level agreements to provide reliable train services. Having been a resident of Epsom for a number of years, it has been very rare that the trains have been severely delayed.

How does the derby impact the trains?

The Epsom Derby and Derby day see’s vast number of visitors come to Epsom to see the historic horse racing event. A large number of the attendees will either go to the Tattenham Corner station which is serviced by Southern Railway and is on the Epsom Downs. Alternatively, visitors will take the quicker route of going from London Terminals to Epsom Station and then getting a taxi, bus or for the brave ones walk to the racecourse. The large number of visitors does not impact the trains significantly, the train station is well prepared with barriers to guide race goers to the transport to the racecourse. The station is also well manned for these events and there are even council workers controlling the traffic light systems manually to ensure that there is smoothing running of cars in the station approach.

Other stations Epsom services?

If you were to take a journey to the opposite way of London, then there are a number of places you could go. Epsom has trains which run to Guildford Dorking and Horsham. A quick change at Horsham can get you down to the coast in no time at all and from Guildford you can access Reading and Portsmouth.

Additional Information

It is important to note that Epsom train station has two lifts for disabled access. The station has two window ticket office and five ticket machines. There is a taxi rank and bus stop outside the station for onward journeys, parking is limited for the drop offs or pick ups of commuters. The station has cycle storage, at a small cost. Both platforms have coffee shops, if like me you like a flat white on your journey. It should be noted that Southern Trains have toilets on their carriages however, South Western Railway do not, although the trains are slowly being upgraded.

Hopefully, the above information gives you the commuting information you require as a prospective homeowner in Epsom. If you have any questions or would like to view properties in or around the Epsom area then please do not hesitate to contact The Local Agent who would be happy to show you around the Epsom are and pass on our local knowledge.

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